Social Media

Creating and implementing the perfect social media plan takes time and dedication. It involves discovering what to post, when you should post it, how often to post, and what platforms to use. It also involves taking the time to connect with potential clients via social media. Whether you’re completely baffled by hashtags and followers, or just don’t have the time for social media, I can help you out. I can run your social media for you entirely so you don’t have to worry about it. This may involve starting completely from scratch or simply maintaining and improving your current social media accounts and increasing your contacts.




Copy Writing

I can create effective copy which will engage your audience, whoever that may be. This could be content for your website. It could also be content for your blog. Having a blog is great for SEO as it means that your website always has fresh content, and this means that potential clients are more likely to find your website. I can manage your entire blog, including generation of ideas, or if you’d rather suggest the ideas I will simply do the research and write the content in the appropriate tone and style.





Creating grammatically perfect content which is going to engage your audience is a skill. It requires knowing who your audience is and what kind of tone they will respond to. If you have written your own content and simply want a professional to improve it and ensure that everything is perfect, I can do this for you.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is the way forward – I can create beautiful emails to send to subscribers.